ort.sh URL shortener

(ortsh, ortshen, ortshened)

A shortened version of an otherwise lengthy URL, exclusive to users of the WordPress pluginĀ Simple Share Buttons Plus

What is ort.sh?

With ort.sh enabled, each time a page/post of your website is loaded, a request is made to ort.sh for a shortened version of the URL. Providing you have a valid, active license installed ort.sh responds with a shortened version for you which is then saved and added to tweets created when people share via Twitter.

ort.sh Stats

The feature doesn’t stop there… all visits to an ort.sh URL are tracked and you’ll soon be able to see these stats from directly within your WP dashboard!

ort.sh requires the PHP extension Mcrypt to be installed. Max accepted title/URL lengths are 125/250 characters respectively.

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