One of the most advanced WordPress share button plugins available.



For full installation instructions please visit the documentation site.



  • Fix Issues when Simple Share Adder and PLus were activated at the the same time


  • Fix Added improvements for old versions of PHP


  • Fix Minor bugfixes


  • Feature Add Facebook insights
  • Feature Add Facebook new iframe mobile sharing
  • Fix Facebook share counts are back! We implemented a solution to Facebook’s deprecated API.
  • Fix Caching layer on top of Facebook’s API to ensure fallback share counts


  • Feature Add new style 11!
  • Tweak Add ‘Search Results’ as an option to make disabling buttons on search results easier
  • Tweak Update main class name to __construct to resolve PHP notices
  • Fix Remove duplicate instances of Twitter counts


  • Feature Add option and functionality to show Twitter share counts again!
  • Update Fallback to previous share counts if any share count API’s ever fail or return zero incorrectly


  • Fix Ensure toggle buttons are hidden if not set to be shown


  • Feature Add SSBP OnScroll functionality!
  • Feature Add further customisation options to the Email Popup – Labels, button text, placeholder
  • Tweak Change & to & within attribution links for validation
  • Tweak Set official settings import to ignore twitter username and tags
  • Tweak Remove a couple of unneeded declared variables
  • Tweak Re-include small HTML comment above share buttons div
  • Fix Change ‘tags’ to ‘hashtags’ to fix the hashtags feature for Twitter


  • Feature New Yummly sharing feature, as recommended by Yummly
  • Update Add new Email Popup options – set subject, from name and from email
  • Update Add option to remove Simple Share Buttons attribution links from popups
  • Update Remove Twitter share counts 🙁
  • Fix iOS native Twitter sharing URL encoding amendment
  • Fix Ellipsis and Email popup bug for lazy-loaded buttons
  • Fix Specify action for forms so they save when using Internet Explorer
  • Fix Colourpicker for share text colour fixed
  • Fix Resolve PHP notices when using Ellipsis alongside share counts


  • Feature Add Yummly share counts
  • Update New Google+ logo
  • Tweak Add title attributes to the buttons on the network select option to assist recognition of each network
  • Fix Log the URL correctly when sharing via the Email Popup option


  • Feature Add Tumblr share count
  • Tweak Hide share buttons for print
  • Fix Add ‘spinner’ icon for when the Email Popup send button is clicked
  • Fix Email Popup reliance on having Ellipsis enabled has been sorted


  • Feature Add Email Popup feature (Beta)
  • Feature Add Ellipsis (show more share options – Beta)
  • Feature Add ‘Native Links’ option for Twitter share buttons
  • Feature Add option to use shortlinks for WhatsApp sharing
  • Tweak URL Encode WhatsApp URLs for improved iOS compatibility
  • Fix Re-include http/https for URL being shared to Tumblr (404 error)
  • Fix Sort WP Dashboard widget bug and PHP notice alongside it


  • Tweak Add RTL compatibility to the admin pages by moving the save button to the left
  • Fix Fix styling for when ‘Responsive’ is not set, @1.0.6 bug
  • Fix Allow buttons to be removed if all share buttons have been added


  • Feature Add option to disable tracking functionality
  • Feature Add option to set the screen width at which the mobile view should begin/finish
  • Update Add link to documentation in the admin navbar
  • Tweak Improve reliability of license activation by changing wp_remote_get to wp_remote_post
  • Tweak Add information to clearly indicate that adding your GA tracking ID adds GA tracking code
  • Tweak Correct labels for fields in admin panels
  • Tweak Reorder fields in admin panels


  • Fix Set two total/each share count display
  • Fix Small XSS vulnerability


  • Update Change SSB API URL to new subdomain


  • Update Add left/right/centre-aligned compatibility when using custom images
  • Tweak Update style 10-centred colours to new SSB brand colours
  • Tweak Change add_object_page to add_menu_page for those exceeding the object_page limit
  • Fix Delete ssbp.min.css after importing settings so it’s created as required
  • Fix Pinterest bookmark rel=”nofollow”
  • Fix Total share count for lazy loading users
  • Fix Small XSS vulnerability
  • Fix Ensure ga_tracking_id is added upon upgrading to 1.0.2+


  • Feature Add Google Analytics code option, with choice of whether or not to track logged-in users
  • Feature Add option to hide tracking page for non-admins
  • Tweak Disable option to delete/clear tracking stats for non-admins
  • Tweak Allow decimals in size fields
  • Tweak Format all PHP files to conform with PSR Standards (
  • Tweak Add “Successfully Imported” messages when importing settings
  • Tweak Display license activation error if present
  • Tweak Set total share count to appear as a list item when using custom images, improving placement of the count itself
  • Tweak If set to load the SSBP font in the head, don’t include it in the custom CSS file when it’s created
  • Fix Show/hide total/each share counts as specified when using custom images
  • Fix Set relevant file permissions when creating ssbp.min.css so that it can be deleted after changes are made to style settings
  • Fix Fix share count issue when using WP Shortlinks
  • Fix Force use of set title when using shortcode anywhere that’s not a post


  • Feature Add option to load SSBP font in the head of your website allowing Async loading of CSS
  • Fix Replace deactivate hook function with uninstall hook as required
  • Fix Ensure full URL is used when retrieving share counts
  • Fix Fix ‘Use settings’ option
  • Fix Return support for custom images
  • Fix Load SSBP icon font over http or https as necessary


  • Feature Add option to enable Google Analytics Event Tracking
  • Feature Add two new services – WhatsApp and Xing
  • Feature Add Open Graph Type select list to SSBP Share Meta functionality
  • Feature Add the option to customise colours separately for each button set
  • Feature Add the option to customise icon colours to any colour desired
  • Feature Add the option to enable use of featured images to be used with share meta details
  • Feature Use a new SSBP font-family to allow scaling without any loss in quality
  • Feature Reformat all settings pages using Bootstrap and a Bootswatch theme
  • Feature Post and save all admin forms via AJAX for a better user experience
  • Feature Create new table especially for share count data to improve speed if counters are enabled and avoid using options table
  • Feature Create new table especially for ortsh URLs to improve speed if in use and avoid using options table
  • Feature Add priority option in advanced settings, providing the ability to prioritise SSBP or other plugins within content
  • Feature Allow review of official share counts in the tracking dashboard regardless of if counters are enabled in the front-end (via existing full share stats option)
  • Feature New GoogleFonts families added for share text – Lato, Merriweather, Montserrat and Raleway
  • Feature Add option to use WP shortlinks in place of full URLs
  • Feature Live preview feature for button sets when making changes on the styling page
  • Tweak Disable functionality that requires Mcrypt by default, and display a notice on settings pages
  • Tweak Set share meta hook to priority 1 to further encourage use of SSBP share meta when enabled
  • Tweak Remove jQuery UI effects and replace with CSS transitions for improved performance
  • Tweak Ensure direct URLs are used when accessing ssbp.min.css
  • Tweak Ensure direct URLs are used when accessing SSBP JS files
  • Tweak Revert to database calls to get settings, to improve performance on high-traffic or low-spec environments
  • Tweak Amend ssbp_get_url() function to use HTTP_HOST
  • Tweak Add new ssbpForms helper class for admin screens
  • Tweak ALL posts/pages in ranking order restricted to 10 for performance on the tracking page, in lieu of a load/more feature
  • Fix Fix stripping of https/http from all share URLs if Tumblr button is in use
  • Fix Set to ignore meta settings when importing settings from


  • Bug: Add SSBP Tracking table upon all installations and create it if not already there
  • Tweak Better aligned Yummly share icon
  • Fix Error checking fallback when fetching Reddit share counts


  • Tweak Add extra security to saving/displaying tracking data
  • Tweak Add success/failure notifications to console logs after share clicks


  • Tweak Load icons via http or https as/if needed
  • Tweak Amend permissions checking in Admin to resolve clashes with another plugin
  • Fix Use default SSBP share meta information if set for homepages and categories/archives


  • Feature Option to use SSBP share meta or featured images for Pinterest
  • Feature Two new share set styles!
  • Feature Make custom styling options available even when using preset styles
  • Feature Generate and utilise a single custom minified CSS file for all implementations
  • Feature Calculate required page-percentage width for mobile share bars to be more flexible
  • Feature Copy all the official Simple Share Buttons Plus settings from
  • Feature Use the custom styles option to overwrite all SSBP CSS with your own
  • Tweak Add and use compressed versions of SSBP’s JS files
  • Tweak Add .htaccess file to disallow direct access to the JSON settings file
  • Tweak Create header nav in admin and add a link to the support forum
  • Tweak Add inactive license notification


  • Tweak Allow access to share stats for ‘Editors’
  • Fix Remove errors for ‘Editors’
  • Fix PHP notice upon initial installation/activation


  • Tweak Prevent linebreak tags from being added to responsive share bars
  • Tweak Hide share text by default for share bars
  • Fix Add fallbacks for errors when retrieving share counts


  • Feature Add show/hide buttons to responsive share bars
  • Feature Add a choice of effects that buttons can appear with
  • Feature Add a mobile button load effect option
  • Feature Easily transfer settings using the new import/export functionality
  • Tweak Dramatically increase performance with the use of a JSON file
  • Tweak Reduce 75 database options to 2
  • Tweak Reduce calls to get_ssbp_settings to one using PHP $GLOBALS
  • Tweak Add custom menu icon
  • Tweak Small security enhancement
  • Fix Small amendment to processing of additional CSS when saving to strip slashes


  • Feature Add Yummly button!
  • Feature Option added to have a second set of buttons display!
  • Feature Image set previews added to styling page
  • Update Update to use the latest upload modal for image uploads
  • Update Further improved styling throughout the SSBP settings pages
  • Tweak Ensure correct title and URL are used for widget/shortcode use
  • Tweak Reduce DB calls by adding SSBP settings to sessions
  • Fix Custom meta image upload popup fix
  • Fix Only include admin CSS on SSBP admin pages
  • Fix Replace ampersands in page titles with %26 for email links


  • Feature Official share counts by network added to dashboard
  • Feature Radar chart added for social network breakdown
  • Update Improved charts using
  • Update Improved styling for the share tracking dashboard
  • Update View full breakdown shares via countries with flag images
  • Update Improved IP detection for sites with CDN and/or alternative proxies
  • Update Tooltips added to all option labels
  • Tweak Remove for post/page previews and bbPress replies and prevent creating any more
  • Tweak Ensure HTML tags are stripped from all page titles
  • Tweak Improved validation of posted tracking data
  • Tweak Improved security of admin panels
  • Fix Button spacing when using styling options


  • Feature Add your Twitter username to tweets under the ‘Advanced’ settings page.
  • Fix Save all required ortsh URL information for dashboard display. Remove any incorrect data so it can be recreated.


  • Fix Support in the tracking dashboard for users with unicode characters


  • Feature Exclusive URL shortener functionality added
  • Feature SSB API added to offer more-consistent Facebook share count retrieval
  • Tweak Show latest shares in a more logical order


  • Feature Option to convert share count retrieval protocol from http/https with www/non-www
  • Update Minify CSS on the fly for those using the custom styling options
  • Update Link to new Support Forum
  • Update Link added to Facebook Debugger on edit screen
  • Tweak Wording in Admin pages


  • Feature Share count caching added with custom setting
  • Feature CSV export option added for share stats
  • Feature Pagination of all shares made available
  • Feature Ability to clear all share stats added
  • Feature All pages/posts now listed in a table in order of number of shares
  • Fix Remove line breaks if not required


  • Feature New fixed share bar
  • Fix Show total share count


  • Feature Minimum share count option added
  • Feature New preset style
  • Tweak Improved bitly support for share counts
  • Tweak Share count timeout option added


  • Feature GeoIP country location reports added
  • Feature Shorten and track URLs using Bitly
  • Feature Disable custom post types if you need to
  • Feature Great new preset style!
  • Feature Option added to use
    It's only fair to share...Share on FacebookShare on Google+Tweet about this on TwitterShare on LinkedIn
    shortcode to improve upgrade experience


  • Feature Default style options with minified CSS to keep your HEAD clean
  • Feature Added option to select black or white icons
  • Feature Add rel=”nofollow” via the Advanced page
  • Feature NEW logo and amended styles within the dashboard


  • Feature Add new Meta-tag functionality
  • Fix Fix tracking issue with non-lazy load option


  • Feature Option added to switch lazy loading on or off


  • Fix Fix download page share buttons


  • Feature Added option to place share text above/left/right/below
  • Feature Select font-weight option added
  • Feature Share text now fades in too with the buttons
  • Feature Choose margin for buttons
  • Feature Support link updated to Zendesk!
  • Fix Fix excerpt hook


  • Feature Square button option added!
  • Fix Fix for when showing duplicate sets of buttons
  • Fix Categories/Archives and Homepage option sorted


  • Feature Custom images now available!


  • Fix Hotfix for version 0.1.0 allowing users not logged in to view buttons


  • Feature Share counts added!
  • Feature Choose between total share counts or per-site share counts
  • Feature Lazy loading – Buttons fade in once ready, loading your pages/posts far more quickly!
  • Feature Remove the bottom border if you wish


  • Update Share buttons added to a class in preparation for share counts!
  • Fix Hotfix for Firefox


  • Hotfix for activation


  • Feature New option in settings to only show buttons with excerpts if wanted
  • Tweak Port number not added if present
  • Update Page title pulled more accurately and efficiently, most noticed by those using twitter and/or with shortcode


  • Feature Initial release
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