Simple Share Buttons API

Simple Share Buttons Plus offers exclusive use of the new Simple Share Buttons API! It’s still in its infancy at the moment and will no doubt have lots more to offer over time, but as it stands, it was created for one main purpose – Facebook share count retrieval.

Why is there a need?

A number of users of both Simple Share Buttons Adder/Plus have been reporting that their Facebook share counts have been displaying as zero, despite being certain this was incorrect. After some research it was discovered that Facebook restrict the number of calls that can be made to their Graph API by App or server IP address, which meant that people using shared servers were quickly reaching the limit based on what others were up to.

What is the solution?

At Simple Share Buttons we have crafted an API using the amazing PHP Framework Laravel and configured it to speak with our new Facebook App. This means that we can provide up-to-date share counts for Facebook for you.

Given the upkeep and maintenance of this, the Simple Share Buttons API is currently exclusive to Simple Share Buttons Plus users only.

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