A+ support!

David, the creator of the plugin, was extremely helpful to solve the issues that occurred after upgrading. Moreover, the product itself is just amazing - I love it.


Beautiful for mobile

I tried many plugins, looking for one that works great for PC and mobile users. Finally I found Simple Share Buttons Plus. The responsive preset style works great. Fully recommended.

Looking forward for additional feature 'share to whatsapp' :).

Gunawan Tjandra

We Got There In The Ebd

We had some issues when we first upgraded to the premium plugin but with a little help and patience from the development team we got there in the end and couldn't be happier! Great product!

Gareth Watson

Easily one of the best social sharing plugins on the market by far. Not only that but support is truly top notch. Would not hesitate to recommend to anyone. Thanks again, David!




Great plugin & Great support!

I wanted floating share buttons in the primary color of our site and this plugin worked great. Even better when I wanted something that was not possible: floating share buttons on the right side of the screen, David came up with a simple to implement solution that worked.

Many thanks!


Switched To Simple Share Buttons

I've been blogging for almost 9 years and it's become our full time job. I've been doing it since it first became a real job and I feel like I know what the blog needs to succeed. I recently, with David's kind help, switched to Simple Share Buttons and I've been so pleased. They perfectly match my site, and function perfectly! I highly recommend them to anyone!


Wish I found this plugin sooner

Simple, clean, and easy to use. I spent hours looking at different sharing plugins. I'm glad I finally found this one. Several customization options and the tracking feature is awesome. Great support too!


Simply the best!

I was delighted when I found this plugin and saw my page load time instantly speed up- it really does make a difference. The customization options are second to none, and I am very grateful to David for the support in helping me style my buttons so they fit perfectly within my website. I am seriously impressed with this plugin and I recommend it to everyone!


The best sharing plugin for WordPress

I have tried tens of sharing plugins for WordPress since I started blogging a year ago. None of those plugins were easy to use, fast or customizable.
Simple Share Buttons Plus is the perfect solution for my speed optimized blog because it is blazing fast. It´s also very simple to set up and customize. Simple Share Buttons Plus is a "must have" for every serious blogger or company using WordPress. Thank you for this amazing plugin!

Toni Vallius

Simple, smart, fast & effective

Stylish plug-in that looks great, is simple to set-up, and importantly, doesn't burden your site speed or add any bloat.

ALSO: support is stellar!

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Keeping sharing simple...
Keeping sharing simple...
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