Share Counters Launched!

Version 2.4 of the Simple Share Buttons Adder has just been launched!

An anticipated update for many users, this version allows you to add optional share counts to your share buttons!

Share Counters

Share Button Counters

There are three different colours of share counts available, you can always use the custom CSS option if you’d prefer to style your own.


Keeping sharing simple...
Keeping sharing simple...
  • Jose Fonseca

    Hello again, please ignore my previous comment, it was a cache issue with the CDN, again awesome plugin!! Thanks!

    • Davidsneal

      Hi Jose,

      No problem, great to hear you like it!!

  • vice

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  • ValentineAvoh

    Hi! Does the counter works with the custom icons? I tried and my site went into error :-S

  • Someone

    Wow, looks like you got some African spam…anyway, I have a question! I love your share buttons. But if we don’t have the counters displayed, does that mean we have no way of tracking the numbers? I don’t want to turn my counters on until I have some decent numbers on my new blog, you understand…

    Answer much appreciated!

  • Amrit Pal Singh

    is counter available for HTML version?

  • looks good

  • veronica martinez


  • S Blundell

    HI there is there any reason why my counters might not be working? Everything else seems to work great but when a post is shared the counters remain at 0…

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