• I would love to get this, just because I respect your work if nothing more. Only issue I see is there is no direct install, from wordpress, in cpanel, under add new plugin. Which means I would have to, I assume download it, then upload it ftp, and hope that wordpress added it it’s plugins? Inform me of how I would go about, making this upgrade and will be more than happy to purchase it.

  • Ok, sorry, I now see where I maybe able to do this, – So on to this question? Would I first need to uninstall the previous version? Or would it automatically sync together, and just update?

    • Davidsneal

      Hi John, looks like you have beaten me to it and just purchased the plugin! The two plugins work separately of each other, you shall need to uninstall the free plugin and install this one in its place.

      Please note that for a plugin to appear in the WP dashboard it has to be free and in the wp plugin directory, hence all premium plugins being separate downloads.

      You shall indeed need to FTP the unzipped folder into your plugins folder, so the folder structure will be like: wp-content/plugins/simple-share-buttons-plus

      Once installed please ensure you register your license key via the license page, you should have had an email through and seen it on the payment confirmation page, let me know if you need it. Once active you shall be able to update automatically via your dashboard like all other plugins.

      If you need any help please raise a ticket here https://sharebuttons.zendesk.com



      • Thank you, and one final question? if this is for the non plus, then what’s the one I need for the plus?

        • Davidsneal

          I’m presuming that was php for the shortcode? Simply swap the a for a p – [ssbp]

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