Version 1.0.6

Performance, Performance, Performance

In case the heading above isn’t clear enough, the main purpose of version 1.0.6 is to improve performance. Whilst the tracking feature is a great one, some users don’t make use of it and it has therefore had a negative impact on speed for them. So by popular request you can now disable it (now the default upon installation).

One size doesn’t fit all

Some users were asking if the point at which the ‘mobile-view’ share buttons began could be changed. Previously this was a pretty awkward thing to change, but no more! You can now set the breakpoint to whatever value works best for you.


Version 1.0.6 also marks the official release of the new documentation site for Simple Share Buttons! Hopefully users will find it useful, a link has been added to it within the Simple Share Buttons Plus dashboard.


As always, the changelog has been updated for the release. Simple Share Buttons Plus is also now marked as compatible with the latest version of WordPress 4.2.3